Virtual PCA "Second Goal Parent" Workshop Feb. 2nd!


PCA PartnersParents have an especially important role to play as a Second-Goal Parent; who helps their child become a Triple-Impact Competitor; who makes self, teammates and the game better.

A Second-Goal Parent recognizes that there is a Little Picture and a Big Picture in youth sports. The Little Picture concerns things like whether the child is playing the right position, the team is winning, etc. The Big Picture, which often gets drowned out by the Little Picture, is about what the child is learning from youth sports. As important as winning may seem, Second-Goal Parents let coaches and athletes worry about the first goal of scoreboard results. Second-Goal Parents have a much more important role to play: ensuring their children take away from sports lessons that will help them be successful in life. That is the Big Picture.

PCA programming now addresses parenting during a pandemic, staying flexible and keeping things in perspective, and staying connected during these unprecedented times. Now more than ever, we will need to be ready to support our athletes when sports return. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis we have seamlessly moved our in-person workshops online via Zoom:

  • Our 60-minute zoom sessions offer the same interactive, collaborative experience we have been recognized for by all of our partners and community members, and the sessions include brainstorming sessions, and even have adapted to include virtual breakout rooms.
  • All of our online resources and tools offer a way to make sure that when sports reopen, they are done right. Now more than ever, coaches will need to be ready to support their athletes as sports return. 


The sessions address:

  • Athlete Safety
  • Parenting during a pandemic
  • How to recognize athlete trauma
  • How to stay flexible while keeping things in perspective
  • Tools to support athlete mental strength


If you embrace your role as a Second-Goal Parent, it will transform the way you see youth sports. It will help you seize the endless procession of teachable moments that will come your way again and again when you are looking for them. What might have seemed like a disappointing loss or a failure by your child becomes an opportunity to reinforce resiliency. Whether your child succeeds or fails on the playing field, you will be able to use the experiences to reinforce the kind of person you want him or her to be.


The trainers for the workshop will be Ken Harkenrider (BIO) and Kristen Oshiro (BIO)

Date: February 2nd
Time: 7:30 pm MST
Link to register for the workshop