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Vandals Soccer needs your help!

Vandals soccer

Parents and Supporters,


Vandals Soccer needs your help! First off, thank you for your patience as we worked diligently to unify our efforts in this fight. As many of you may know, it was announced this past Friday that our women’s soccer program is one of 3 sports being considered for elimination if the Idaho SBOE doesn’t approve the new proposal that is being presented by President Staben on April 18-19. The proposal has been attached to this email if you would like to know more about it.


What we need from you is this…commit to sending an email to the SBOE (State Board of Education), make a phone call to the SBOE, and write one letter to each of the eight SBOE board members. The letters need to be mailed no later than this Tuesday April 10th.  We have made this as easy as possible. I have attached a form email (just cut & paste), script for a phone call, and a form letter that you can use for each of these steps. We have also provided the contact info for each of these 3 types of communication so it is as easy as possible for you to participate. CLICK HERE FOR FORM


Please Do All 3 Forms of Communication! This is now a battle of volume…we need the SBOE to be inundated with positive calls, emails and letters in support of the President’s new proposal so that it would be insane for them to even consider eliminating soccer or any other sport for that matter. Please do all of these 3 things yourself, have each of your parents do these 3 things, and ask any of your family members or friends to also do these 3 things. The more calls, emails and letters the SBOE receives on our behalf the better so feel free to send this on to anyone you believe will help! SAMPLE LETTER HERE


Last, we have also provided a sheet with all the Talking Points that we feel will best plead our case for women’s soccer at the University of Idaho not to be eliminated! We encourage you to read over these and talk to anyone that will listen about all the Amazing things our players do for this athletic department, campus and our soccer community in Moscow and the State of Idaho.


Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Cam Carter our assistant. You can also reach out to Steve and Tracy Hacker, who have been a tremendous help in our efforts to save arguably the most impactful program in the entire athletic department over the last 3 years.


Thank you and Please help us keep Women’s Soccer at the University of Idaho!


Derek Pittman
Head Soccer Coach
University of Idaho
C: 208-596-2565


WAYS TO CONTACT (How you can help)






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