Idaho Youth Soccer Association created the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in 2016 to formally create a group of top-level coaches from across the state to work with the IYSA Director of Coaching with the primary goal of creating the most effective soccer environment for players and coaches in Idaho.


  • Review and develop player/coach development and league policies
  • Review and develop programs and services to aid develpment of players and coaches
  • Assist with league alignment
  • Review current competitive structure (leagues, State Cup, tournaments, ODP, etc)
  • Implementation of initiatives, mandates and policies
  • Meet quarterly, or more as needed

  • The TAC will consist of 8-12 coaches from throughout the state.
  • The IYSA Director of Coaching will be the Chair of the TAC
  • Members will be selected by the IYSA Director of Coaching after an application process
  • Members will typically serve for two years, but term limits are not enforced
  • No two members may be from the same club
  • At least one college coach
  • Must have a USSF "C" License (or equivalent), but preference is given to coaches holder advanced licenses and the National Youth License
  • Must have at least one of the following:
    • Member organization Technical Director or Director of Coaching
    • 10 or more years of coaching experience
    • Current Idaho ODP staff member
    • USSF "B" License or higher
    • Current college coach
    • Current or former professional player

To apply, follow this link and fill out the application. The deadline to apply for 2016-17 is 20 May 2016.