ODP Wraps Up Training

Idaho ODP Wraps Up Another Successful Training Season

The Idaho Olympic Development Program training season came to a successful completion with the final district training last weekend. State Pool players will be eligible to attend a sub-regional event in Sacramento, June 6-8, 2014.  Region IV will host the Regional Pool camps starting in July.

“It is always a mixed bag of feelings when an ODP season comes to an end,” said Idaho Youth Soccer DOC Skyler Bell. “I am sad to lose our outgoing players who have worked so hard for so many years, but I know that they will do amazing things in the soccer world. It is also exciting to see the kids get rewarded by making the regional pool. It is usually the ones who were truly invested in the program, so it is nice to see them get the recognition they deserve.”

US Youth Soccer’s ODP is a national program that has been in existence since 1977. ODP gives players the opportunity to progress their skill and represent their state association, region, and the United States in competition.

“ODP offers an individualized program for players who want to further develop their skill with soccer,” said 00’ girls head coach Rick Mullins. “ODP continues to better my coaching skills and I enjoy working with kids and help develop them into better players.”

With another training season coming to an end, players start to gear up for the sub-regional event in Sacramento and reflect on a rewarding soccer season well spent.

“One of the greatest things about ODP is coming together with a group of different players from all over Idaho and the different coaching styles from the ODP coaches,” said 98’ ODP player Larkin Russell. “This program helps better my skills and creates more opportunities for my soccer career.”

The 2014-2015 Idaho ODP season will likely start in September 2014 for boys and girls born in 98’, 99’, 00’, 01’, 02’, and 03’.