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IYSA members,

After extensive effort to piece together opportunities for ODP in Idaho this year, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel our 2021 ODP cycle. The Regional Training Centers (RTC) are still occurring regionally throughout the State. RTC is a separate program based only in Idaho, but a part of programming that we can still run.

As you know, the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact and will continue to pose significant challenges into the foreseeable future. We are saddened by its devastating effect on so many – including those within the soccer community. This decision, was driven primarily by the following:

1.Inability to get approval to host tryouts, or the players from neighboring states interested in tryouts.

2.The inability to get approval to host a Sub Regional, a way of getting players identified for Regional Camp (second to the ODP Championships that were cancelled).

3. Lack of Sub Regional opportunities in neighboring states to send players for identification.

4. Lack of finality in what we can provide for regional camp this year to prospective 2021 ODP players. This leaves us hesitant to try to deliver a program and collect related fees without knowing definitively that we will be able to offer a regional or national experience to those new to the program in 2021 cycle.  

With that being said, if there is an announcement or confirmation of Regional Camp in 2021, players who have been invited to the 2020 Regional Camp that was canceled will be eligible to attend. If you are one of those players, Pam, our amazing ODP admin, will reach out once we have details and information. At this point, we are still in discussions regarding the viability, format and location of Regional Camp for 2021.

If you requested a credit for your tryout fees, please let Pam know one of the following:

  1.  Hold $50.00 credit for tryouts this fall.
  2. Move credit to RTC trainings starting Sunday.
  3. Please send a refund for…players name, gender and year.


We appreciate your patience and support. We are looking forward to the Fall 2021 Season when we can again offer opportunities for our top players to be identified at the next level through ODP.

Thank you,

Your ODP staff





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