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Idaho Youth Soccer Association is pleased to continue its partnership with WorldStrides Excel to send our teams to Europe for a once-in-a-lifetime international experience.

International Soccer Travel

The upcoming year will offer an opportunity for our 2004 boy and girl players to travel to Italy where they will visit Venice, Verona, Florence, and Rome. Teams taking part in the international trips can expect to play against top academy sides, train at top facilities, and see amazing sights; St. Mark’s Basilica, Roman Colosseum, Pantheon, train with professional coaches, and much more!

An opportunity to travel and play abroad is an excellent chance for soccer players to train on a world stage, face new competition, bond as a team, and learn about a culture different from their own. For ODP players, gaining an international playing experience is an important milestone in their individual development.

All tours will take place from March 22nd – March 30th, 2020. Don’t let this opportunity to broaden your player’s horizon slip by! Click on the itineraries below to see our proposed trip details:  

2004 Girls – Venice, Florence & Rome, Italy - Trip Details

2004 Boys – Venice, Florence & Rome, Italy - Trip Details


Click Here to register your player for an international soccer tour. (Trip ID to register will be shared in a player invite and informational webinar)

Contact Information

For any questions regarding international travel, contact WorldStrides Excel via email or phone at or 410-489-2287 x25102.

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