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IYSA Presents our Coach of the Month



Carlos Elizondo


What team/teams do your currently coach?

- As a director I help with all age groups. Teams that I am coaching this season are U10 girls, U14 girls, U12 Boys, U11 Boys and 2003 Girls ODP. 

What coaching licenses do you have? What is your coaching experience?

 - USSF B, NSCAA Premier, NSCAA Advanced Director of Coaching, National Youth. I have coached College to 4 year olds. 

What experience do you have as a player?

 -Club and college club

What is your most memorable soccer experience as a coach?

- Not just one. Every accomplishment or milestone you reach with a team or individual player is memorable.

What is your favorite team(s)/player(s)?

- Arsenal

Who is your mentor/hero and why?

- I am inspired by many people each and every day. The people I work with, the kids, parents and organizations that work hard to make something the best that it can be. They inspire me every day to be better than yesterday....There was a time when I was a young player that I wanted to quit soccer in the middle of the season. My dad said "If I quit now i'll always be a quitter". I didn't quit.........A child hood friend and teammate Mundo Portillo, introduced me to coaching. He is wise beyond his years and one of the mentally toughest people I have ever know. No one had ever challenged me the way he did. I am eternally grateful for it..........Anson Dorrance through his books and coaching education with the NSCAA. Studying him and studying what he has studied helped me to be a true student of life. He taught me that knowledge, learning  and implementation of what I have learned is key to success.

What is your favorite quote?

- I don't remember what I was reading. Just simply "Be prepared to take advantage of opportunity".

Tell us a random fun fact about you. (Ex: I can sing the alphabet backwards)

-I am a big Star Wars fan. 


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