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IYSA Presents our Player of the Month


Jessica Taylor


What current club team or school team do you play for? What is your age group?

I play for Mountain Home Soccer Club - U11 Girls.

How long have you played soccer?

I have played soccer for almost 6 years now. Since I was 5.

Do you have ODP experience? If so, how much?

No. Not old enough yet. 

What position do you play?

I play Forward and Goalie. 

What is your most memorable soccer experience?

My most memorable soccer experience was my team winning both Canyon Rim and Directors Cup tournaments in 2018. 

Who is your favorite team(s)/Player(s)?

My favorite team is Germany, that's where I was born. 

Who is your mentor/hero? Why?

 I don't look up to anyone, I just like being me. 

Do you have any accomplishments you would like to share?(school, sports, extracurricular activities, etc.)

I recently bridged to a Cadet for Girl Scouts and earned the Bronze Award for Juniors.

What is your favorite quote?

I really don't know any quotes. 

Tell us a random fun fact about you.

I was born with a cleft lip so it looked like I had 3 lips and my second toe is the exact same length as my pinkie finger.



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